March 28, 2008

National City – Horrible Bank

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:59 pm by a11en

A quick note to anyone opening accounts or attempting to get loans, etc. Avoid National City Bank like the plqgue.

They soaked up a small-town bank that I was with since I first started putting money into a bank. Once they did that, every year service and quality of the banking dropped. Policies continue to change, account overdraft fees continue to climb high. There are discussions online about them moving around charges in order to obtain the highest possible fees from their customers. Others are discussing how their online banking invoices will show their account is perfect, a single charge goes through and a previous day’s deposit is reworked to 2 days after the debit, allowing for fees to be accrued. It’s shockingly horrible.

I’m not discussing my own personal case, because I’ve been trying to leave them for months, and I’m only now seeing the light at the end oft he tunnel. Hopefully in a few month’s time, I will no longer be a disgruntled customer.

My advice- find a local employee’s credit union. My local credit union has never ceased to amaze me with their wonderful service. During my ID theft situations, their safety officers had personal meetings with me regarding how they could help to secure my ID and account. All their tellers and customer service reps are amazingly kind. When I got my car loan ages ago, it was better than anyone in terms of fees or interest rates. The dealer couldn’t even hope to match it (and didn’t even try).


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