February 13, 2008

Jillian of Project Runway

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:26 pm by a11en

Quick post- Who doesn’t love Project Runway?  One of the designers has been growing on me steadily.  She has girl-next door looks, with something added that makes her more and more intriguing the more you watch her.  There’s only one problem- I wish she’d get a bit more girly excited.  I keep wishing for a bit more emotion out of Jillian, who often has a very monotone voice while describing her visions.  [Is it her vision?  Why so monotone?]  Although, we do see her frustrated side often.  So, perhaps it’s merely that she’s not really that happy.  Not sure.  But, the last episode we got to see a bit of that girly glee… she ran back off the catwalk swinging her dress.  Very very cute.  Add to that the peak of a black garter underneath that fantastic little dress she was wearing, and vavavoom!!  🙂  Very very *nice*.

Now, I just need to find a screen-capture to share with you all…

oh, ps- is it just me, or is it a darned shame that all these gorgeous models get naked in front of all these guys who so obviously couldn’t give a rat’s ass about naked women?  🙂  [Christian needs to tone down the volume knob just a bit.  Step it down from “11” to say, 5 or so.  His volume knob definitely goes up to 11.]

Back to our regularly unscheduled program…


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