October 23, 2007

WLS-AM Difficulties in Streaming Audio

Posted in Mac, Mac Software, Rants at 11:31 am by a11en

Well, I figure it’s time for a small mini-rant.  After all, you guys get tired of listening to me not-ranting, don’t you?  😉

I’ve been a long-time listener to WLS-AM (890 kHz- Chicago, IL).  When I can’t get it via the radio, I often attempt to get it via streaming audio.  Recently, the radio-station made a change to how it was streaming its audio.  It appears they have contracted out the audio streaming to some insane company called  players.eonstreams.com.  Fine.  Just fine.  Except, well, that it’s impossible for me to stream their audio anymore!  I can’t get their stream in anything other than a d*Q!#@ web-browser with their !@!@# pop-up window and in-line advertisements.  Well, that’s just b-e-a-utiful.

They’ve lost a listener, at least an on-line listener.  They used to be one of the major online radio streams, and I can only guess that now, they aren’t even registering in listenership.  Why oh, why, WLS-AM did you need to make this change?  Honestly, do you think it was worth it to get a few more adverts up to only support web-service streaming with weirdo-pop-ups and platform specific audio?  [Windows media player only!]  What in the world is happening up there at the station?  Someone dropped the ball on that one.

Guess the money was worth it.  Well, you can count me out on listenership online.



  1. Maggie said,

    I play the stream directly from Windows Media Player using the link

    Your mileage with other media players may vary.

  2. a11en said,

    Hey Maggie!!

    Can’t thank you enough for that link. I tried it in iTunes- no go, tried it in Quicktime- no go (I have the WM plugins for them)… finally tried it in VLC as “open network” – had some errors, but it did something, and then finally streamed. So, I can’t use it as I used to, but it’s nice to know I can listen in VLC. 🙂

    Thank you for dropping in and letting me know, Maggie! Really appreciate it!! [Now I can finally listen at my desk at work again!]


    ps- drop in anytime!

  3. Mauri said,

    Thanks Maggie, you are the best!!


  4. a11en said,

    Here are a few links I found here:

    this one worked for me in VLC player (32k):

    Didn’t figure how to stream this one yet (64k):

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