August 20, 2007

OsX – Spotlight Zoom in Preview

Posted in Mac, Mac Software at 10:26 pm by a11en

(I wish I had done this a long time ago!) For some time now, I’ve wondered what sort of drugs the folks that did Spotlight have been on… one absolutely annoying feature is the zoom that happens in Preview when viewing the results of a spotlight search in a pdf. Well, it appears there’s a way to fix this:

defaults write Preview (...all on one line)
   -dict-add PVPDFSpotlightSelectionSize 10

That little line right there will solve all your problems. You need to run that line at the terminal, and no reply will occur from the terminal… oh- do this when is not running.

Linklove for this goes to: MacWorld and MacOsTips(blog)

Other spotlight weirdness- apparently spotlight doesn’t index textfiles that don’t contain the “.txt” extension. Very very strange. So, that ReadMe on OpenDX compiling won’t be indexed. Wonder why they chose to do that… very strange.

Anyways, at least I can now read the text which surrounds my searches in my pdf’s.

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