August 20, 2007

Jamaica- Hurricane Dean

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[Disclaimer- a lot of the spelling below is completely horrible… a number of areas I’m completely unfamiliar with. This is just an update based on what I’ve heard… I likely won’t know much more, it depends on how much I listen to online.]

My prayers go out to the families in Jamaica. It seems most of the storm was missed, thank God. It does sound as though right now (1:46 AM CST) there is quite a bit of damage. Roofs are off some houses, impassable roads, Ginep tree crashed into another fellows house, collapsed it. The phone lines are out to St. Thomas parish right now. Woman from St. Andrews mentioned a number of roof-tops are off there. Very hard weather. Shots fired in St. Andrews area they say during the storm. “Very terrible” the caller mentioned.

Updates seem to be something like this now:

St. Thomas- wind damage, flooding impassable roadways, extensive damage in several communities, roofs, collapsed structures

St. James- Coral Gardens- wind damage

Kingston, St. Andrews- downed powerlines, Rivertown- fallen tree caused a residential building collapse in Ligoney (?) area, Chambers-Lane area.

Portland, Port Antonio- Roads Blocked

St. Catherine- storm surges, roadway impassable

Nagre head, Newland- roofs off, utility poles dropped

Old Habor- water raised, caused some evacuations

Claringdon- Denby Gulley flooding reported

Over the island, there are 191 shelters opened, something like 1,200 persons in the shelters

No life currently mentioned as lost.

All this was paraphrased and messed up by me, but originally reported on 106 Power FM.

All in all, the word is that it could have been much much worse. To all the families down there, my prayers go out to you guys.

I have family connections to the island (very close family connections)- trying to stay mildly anonymous here. 😉 But, it’s sad to hear the island got hit to any level. My prayers also go out to all those hit harder by Dean.

Makes us all remember what it’s like to worry about our small things in life… it could be so much worse. I hope no lives are lost.

update- 3:03 AM

Wow- the radar is insane- it skirted the southern coast of the island. We’ll have to see what things are like in the morning. Lots of people lost their zinc-roofs. Power’s down etc., in other areas. Nice little blog by the folks at the Gleaner:

update-  lots of damage, and one life taken… my prayers are with those in Jamaica as they clean up the havoc.

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  1. fwade said,

    Thanks for covering our recent hurricane. We are still recovering, almost 2 months later, and a few seaside areas are being declared uninhabitable. It was quite a scary episode and we are thankful that it changed course at the last minute.

    I am still waiting to get phone service back myself.

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