May 4, 2007

Am I really that old?

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When did Soda/Pop prices get to be so high?  I’ve been reducing my intake and only drinking splenda items (love the stuff), but I often will get a pop when I go to a restaurant.  First place- Outback Steakhouse… no prices on the back for drinks.  I check with the waiter- he says something like: $2.24.  Second place- Chilli’s, no prices- I check with the waiter, and again the price is somewhere around $2.08.  Holy cow has prices on pop jumped like mad?  I mean, for $2.16, I can buy 4 liters of pop at a local grocers.  That’s about 6-8x the amount of pop I’d drink even if I was getting a refill.

So, when did prices go so insanely high?  Am I really *that* old?  I remember when soda was less than $1 on the menu…

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  1. Merlin said,

    Hey – I have to totally agree with you on this point – Thank God – I have become basically a water drinker. Don’t even get the Iced Tea – Just wait someone somewhere will start charging $1 or more for a glass of Tap Water. 🙂 I hope not.

    But Yes I agree – $2.00 or more is outrageous for a cup of Soda or Pop as we say in Western PA.

    Our Dinning Room at work I believes charges $1.75 for 32 oz drink. Not too bad. But still pricey none the less.

    I have been not writing as lately either and hoped to get inspired from something you may have written on here.

    I hate this – I was tired when I came home from work – Fell asleep in front of the news and woke up at 10pm with a 3 1/2 hour “NAP” Ugg.

    So now I am hitting the net to get some inspiration and ideas to write an post on Merlins Tower.


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