April 28, 2007

Ugh, Women.

Posted in Procrastination, Rants, Work at 5:30 pm by a11en

One of the most beautiful days of spring… wonderful sun, clear skys with teddy-bear making clouds… Chel comes home from a conference (must have been all day sitting on a seat), and starts in. First, she calls ahead- I want to go do something. Fine. I like the idea. Except I’ve been enjoying the day and I’m not showered yet. So, I jump in the shower immediately. She gets home and continues to berate me about how I haven’t done this or that… I apologize, then argue… I say, fine, sorry, where do you want to go? She wants to go to the mall and freakin’ buy shoes. Beautiful day, spring flowers in bloom (freakin’ arboretum is only 10 minutes down the street), and she wants to go to a dark dingy mall and buy shoes?!?!

Her first mistake is thinking any man would ever want to accompany women to buy shoes. I’m supposed to determine which shoes look good? Hell, does any man *ever* look at women’s shoes? [I suggest that likely the eye immediately goes to a woman’s calf once the ankle has been spotted… ] Knowing the sun is only up for a few hours, I suggest the Arboretum… am met with frustration, and more argument, and how lazy I am… ugh.

So, I sit on the back-porch trying to do more research work while she’s off doing Lord knows what fuming at me about our inability to do things together, while I’m concerned about my Thesis.

I guess I’m the bad guy.

ps- this is linked to Procrastination and the Now Habit- because people who have trouble working and fear bad outcomes don’t ever let themselves do anything fun… and while they are supposed to be working, often they aren’t working and are procrastinating.  That goes to Fiore’s the un-schedule.  If she had told me she wanted to spend the evening together, fine, I’d prep for it… work hard until the time to go out hits.  Instead, we watch a movie together last night, and she wants to spend tonight out and watch another movie… not something I can do right now.  Oh well, will have to talk with her when we both calm down.


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  1. a11en said,

    Well, things have blown over. I feel kinda silly I posted this on the blog at all. Guess life spills over to various things at times.

    I apologized, and explained my fears to her- she apologized and mentioned that I need to work harder during the day when she’s away so that we can spend more time together.

    All in all, I think we’re ok again.

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