April 17, 2007

Prelim exam trial run…

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Well, here goes a trial run tomorrow.  Almost all the slides are done (sorta), I just hope I have the time for a few run-throughs before the meeting at 3.  This is only the first trial after a lot of new work on the Prelim Doc.  If all goes well, we may be looking at setting a meeting date.  [praying for it to go well! <eek>]

To cut or not to cut: Jason has a great first post on shaving!  He’s already way ahead of me and is using a safety razor (like Merlin).  Love to hear about people’s successes and how they’ve changed their routine to be a joy instead of ho-hum.  🙂

Prayers to the families of studients at Virginia Tech:  My thoughts and prayers rise up tonight along with some IRC Blue in a MM Meer.  There are no good words for these times.  Although, I take comfort in knowing a few things… (1) my troubles are often not big, there are many worse things in life, (2) 100% of us pass from this earth- some too soon, (3) we are all caught like fish in a net at an unknown time.  I pray that the students at VATech can find some peace in the coming weeks with their loved ones.

This tragedy does help to temper our struggles, though, doesn’t it?  What are we not doing that we wished we would?  How would that change if we knew we were passing soon?  What would we tell each other, or those we love?  I know it seems like a cliche- but as I get older, I realize that time is shorter and shorter.

Speaking of which, I better get back to these slides… all towards the goal of doing more in the near future!!  Let’s hope I can do so!

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  1. a11en said,

    Yikes- well, almost every slide was out of place, and a few need some changes. Pretty nasty start of things. But, I’ve got 2 days to change it. Here goes nothin’!…

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