March 27, 2007

Positivism and grad-school…

Posted in Procrastination, Work at 10:00 pm by a11en

Well, just a few days from my optimism-v-cynicism post, I find myself a bit in the dumps about work.  I hate how my emotional state directly effects my productivity.  David Allen talks about this at times also… basically, our brains aren’t good tools for figuring out what to do.  They’ll pick either the items that have the largest emotional burden on us, or they’ll pick the item which was made closest to “now”.  That emotional comment struck home for me.  Just today we learned that our heaterblock wasn’t fixed by a simple re-soldering.  So, it’s being shipped back to the company, and will likely also not be able to be fixed.  Hopefully they’ll ship us all the parts back, because I’d like our crack-machinist to have his hand at it.  With enough time, I’m positive he could fix it.  The man is a genius at his job.

So, I lost some time to me just sitting and pouting about this stuff.  Totally stupid, totally no reason to do so.  If I had had all my ducks in a row, and my lists in proper order for the *next* actions, I wouldn’t have been in that situation… just look through my lists and hammer through this stuff.  I need to overcome this as it will make me an ineffective worker at times.  I’m sure you all get this also.  Things going bad, makes you think for long periods of time about how to fix them, or just malaise of them going badly is enough.  A slump in other words.

Well, I think I’m back on the horse today.  Hammered out a few more matlab programs to do my work.  Need to write another tonight before I’ll feel I’m getting somewhere.  I’ve found someone is wrong… either me, or some other fellows who wrote the books, or the software company.  We can’t all have different answers to this one- so somone or some of us are wrong.  Will need to be absolutely sure about my calculations before getting anyone on the phone from tech-support, however.  Can’t just say they are wrong without proof.  🙂

So, here’s to another night of hard work, if possible… and to letting your brain forget about the crap, and plug on through it.

Let me know how you like to get yourself into your work even when things are going rough, if you’re inclined to share!  I’m sure Fiore would have some good quotes about this, but will look for them later if I have time.

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