January 2, 2007

FP’s- The Sheaffer Tuckaway

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Sheaffer's Tuckaway

I wanted to share with you a recent find. I happened across this Sheaffer Tuckaway “in the wild” at a local antique store. Its golden-brown stripes were beckoning to me for a while. The reason I didn’t jump on it immediately is that Sheaffer has made some of the most complex fountain-pens in the world, and fixing them often means you’re up to your elbows in parts and frustration (and/or out $30-40).

Sheaffer is a brand that many have ignored for a long time, but is quickly growing in popularity in the fountain-pen circles; a brands that is mentioned as being often undervalued for its complex and wonderful pens. The Sheaffer Touchdown and Snorkel are extremely complex and not for a novice tinkerer.  When they work, they work wonderfully.  The Snorkel system even allows for no nib-cleaning- wonderful invention.

Luckily the little “Tucky” I have is fairly simple (Vacuum-Fill) and after some careful cleaning and polishing it’s already taking and holding ink very well. Wonderful little pen. According to info I gleaned from Richard’s Pen Info Pages, it appears the pen may be anywhere from 1940-1949 in age.  I need to dig more and see if it perhaps may be a WWII era pen.  Which would be wonderful.  One thing is for sure, the pen is old enough to have been around while my Grandfather was still alive.  That’s pretty darned cool.

I’m sorry I don’t have my usual slew of links to go along with this one- I’ll likely update this post when I have more time and info to share with you.

One thought did pop into my head today- I found that I was looking for excuses to use the pen just to write with it.  🙂  My mind flipped over to productivity- and I realized that when you really enjoy your tools, you’re going to want to use them… and they’ll spurr you onward to do so.

May all of you have an amazing New Year filled with accomplishments and happiness!  It’s hard to believe another one is already gone.  Time to look forward, however!  Lots to accomplish, and many changes to experience this year!