December 4, 2006

My work and my pipe…

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Tonight I sit here at my little make-shift work table, smoking the pipe that first got me started.

Interesting how life sometimes comes around full-circle.

My smoke whisps towards the sky, hopefully an acceptable offering to God as I pray earnestly over the work before me.  I am reminded of the fact that “All is vanity” by the death of my little feathered friend, and by the struggles of some of my human ones.

I ponder how pain exists in this world, and how so many good people are in so much of it.  I’m reminded of my pal “Jack” who explained all this; the Problem of Pain.  Søren too, reminds me that despair is the Sickness Unto Death; I must learn not too…  Life continues in its own way.  The sun always rising, no matter how little sleep we have gotten the night before.

So, I sit in front of this ambient glow, my words blocking out part of the page.  The Christmas tree lighting my way, by it’s sweet promise of new beginnings.  My work before me, still untouched due to fear… I must face that fear and cope with it.  Luckily the friend to all those unattainable greats- Bohr and Einstein and many more, is slowly calming me… the life-like warmth of my little pipe.  Focusing my thoughts so I can continue… reminding me that life is good and to be lived.  To “drink my wine, and live my life with the woman I love all the days of my fleeting life.”  I started on this road many many years ago… when I first carried around a Fisher-Price briefcase claiming to be working on my “Teeesis” between romps to the corner grocery store with empty bottles to return for rubber cola sweets and red shoe-string laces…

Interesting how life sometimes comes around full-circle.

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