December 1, 2006

The loss of a feathered friend…

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:48 am by a11en

I have sad news to relate. For the past week, I’ve been nursing a sick little parrot, a peach-faced lovebird, back to health. For around 3 days I practically never left his side, sleeping beside his container, he under his warming lamp with all the necessities- food, water, his favorite toy, and a blanket. My little friend almost died 1 week ago Tuesday. He was in such bad shape, he could hardly move. I fed him by syringe, and he came back to life, so to speak. And, unfortunately, yesterday morning, he passed away. I believe he passed away due to internal bleeding caused by the stopping of one of his drugs (as per vet orders), Carafate, which was helping his stomache to stay calm, and for his intestines to stop bleeding etc. I didn’t realize how quickly they can go- but one day of questioning whether or not he was in need of help was enough. And I learned the hard way.

The bird-lovers on ThePerch were wonderfully helpful through this trying time, and I strongly suggest anyone with a small bird head over there if they are interested in more information about them, or are in need of help.

I buried him out by the old oak-tree last night. A sad event. I miss his chirping and bell-ringing and insisting that I give him a noodle from that day’s dinner… He will be seriously missed.

Requiescat In Pace, little guy.

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