August 14, 2006

Confessions of St. A11entine…

Posted in Procrastination, Work at 1:21 am by a11en

Hey! A quick one here guys… I have a confession to make- for some reason, procrastination has me in its vice-like grip. It’s so frustrating. I just can’t bring myself to get my work done on Sat./Sun. even though I know it needs to be done for Monday. As well, completely disregarding the Now Habit, I pretend-schedule long sessions of work that I know will be hard to start… even when I know it needs to be done, and it’s itching under my skin… I keep doing stupid stuff, like reading my bloglines feeds. UGH. This is going to be a long process… the long hard process of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. I guess all I can do is get back on my horse and keep trying. Grr… So, sorry that the blog is not with it this week, it’s been a rough one. I hope to have more for you guys very soon. I should have remembered my 20 minute dashes, my 10+2×5 hack, and my “just start it!” rules! I wish you guys a fun and productive week! Don’t forget to schedule your unschedule events- the things that you do outside of work, so you can see your free time better… and actually plan real breaks that you can look forward to. I seem to constantly be stealing time away from myself… having half-a$$ed breaks that I feel bad about- that doesn’t help me relax, or get work done, now does it?

Incidentally, all of the above is addressed in Fiore’s book- so, I’m not doing a good job of implementation this weekend it seems.  It’s amazing how dead on Fiore is on this stuff.  (The Now Habit by Neil Fiore)

At least I can look forward to a good shave tomorrow morning! Oh, and I finally did some work on the motorcycle- so that’ll soon be up and running again. That’s been on my action list for a very long time!

Ok, off to do 20 minute dash on my work! Earphones, check, Beethoven Symphony number 8, check… pen and paper, check… I’m off to the races!

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  1. flexiblefine said,

    Good luck, A11en! Some days are better than others, and we all have to learn to accept that… and find a way to start one more time.

  2. a11en said,

    Hey flexiblefine! 🙂 Thanks for the luck man, it must have helped- ’cause I stayed focused on work, and had a 2 hour phone conversation about statistics- yikes! So, I was pretty on task. I’ll try and do my half-hour focus sessions tomorrow as well, and see if I can’t hammer out a good set of work here.

    It’s all about the starting! I completely agree, man!

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