June 22, 2006

Don Julio…

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:05 am by a11en

Well, today on the way home, I splurged a bit. I've been eyeing a bottle of Don Julio Anejo Tequila for a long time ever since a fellow who really knows his liquors mentioned it to me. [After he let me try some Anejo (different label) I rarely will find anywhere in the US… man was *that* good stuff…] Anyways, having a small bit of the Don Julio Anejo now. Can we say Super Yum? This stuff is fantastic. It's no where near as good as the stuff my cuban pal let met try, but it's pretty darned good and relatively easy to come by. Personally it's light years beyond the Patron.

I had a large post about Procrastination all ready to go, but in light of the next few chapters of The Now Habit I've read, I'm holding off and will re-edit it for content and hopefully brevity.

So, for now, my friends, I raise my glass to ya, and I'll be back soon! [Work has been beating down my door as well, so I may not post before Friday afternoon/the weekend.] To top it off, my GF is going in for some surgery in the AM, but it should be straightforward; never the less, we always worry about those we love, eh?

What I'm currently trying to do: keep watch over my procrastination habits and write down when and how procrastination happens, and what the feelings are that cause me to procrastinate. First-step: awareness…

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