June 7, 2006

Slowest Experiment In The World (& update)…

Posted in GTD, Mac, Work at 1:31 pm by a11en

Sometimes I feel like my experiments are this slow: The Pitch Drop Experiment, [2]. šŸ™‚

Blog Update: A large post on Procrastination will be up in a day or so. It's pretty much completed, but I want to run through it again briefly before posting.

Mac Update: Mac is fixed <knock on wood>… charging is going well, no incessant squeals from the hard-drive. Last thing to do is to recap the 3-key. Ok, so what eventually fixed it was: 2nd Logic board, and a new power-brick. The tech mentioned the powerbrick was flaky when she tested it, so she wanted to be safe and replace it. The 2nd Logic board seems to have been the trick, and things appear stable. Tested sound-in, all is good… no serious problems as far as I can tell. I should run AHT just incase. rsync is working, however, there's still an issue with the extended attributes. I haven't yet learned how to use rdiff-backup, as I don't have much time in my day to dork with it at the moment. For now, I'm just dealing with it until I have more time. At least my drive is backed up on a regular basis now. That should = no lost time in my work if the machine goes down.

Work Update: Conference on Monday… lots to try and get done for the poster. Hopefully I can tell an interesting story. I hope it's well received. Lots of work in OpenDX and KPFM of late. As well papers need updating and working on. How the hell am I going to get all this done? I better not think about it too much, or I'll be a deer in the headlights… better just plug away at my tasks…  Yikes.. just busted a sample grown last night- thankfully it wasn't a great sample indicated by the SEM… but I also busted a wafer I was cutting.  šŸ˜¦
GTD Thoughts: David Allen's GTD helps to alleviate the load on our brains in keeping up with everything we have to remember to do. Removing this burden allows us to think more freely and frees up thought-space. I can see a loop that can happen and have been thinking about it lately… if we're truly more efficient and are more free to think (which I have been of late)… we will likely have many more things come to mind that will spur our work forward. This leads to more "Action" items, and more project folders, and leads to a possibly bloated ToDo/Action list. Is this a sign that the system is not working, or a sign that the system *is* working? I think there's a missing focus on which actions are most important, and action on them. I'll be thinking about that as I go about my work this week.

YUM!  My folks just came back from a trip back to Canada to Dad's home town.  Wonder why in the hell Humpty Dumpty chips aren't sold down here.  I'm currently enjoying some Ketchup Chips.  Super-yum!!  Now, if only I could lay my hands on some Dill as well…

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