May 15, 2006


Posted in Uncategorized at 3:12 am by a11en

Mahler was a genius. Finishing up grading for my class (due in the AM), and listening to Symphony #1 in D Major. Absolutely fantastic. For those who haven't listened to it yet, go to the library, or purchase it, it's fantastic.

For me, it brings back images of the snow-covered farm-land and forest near our home during my father's sabatical in the area I was born in in Canada. I used to sit in a rocking chair, wearing his large and wonderful earphones plugged into the stereo system… often I'd push the headset harder against my ears as I listened, picking out all the wonderful parts. Now, anytime I play it, I'm back there during that wonderful year up North… the peace of the country side, and the soft quietness of the snow covered land…

Much better than grading. 😉

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