May 8, 2006

Short thoughts to share…

Posted in FountainPens, GTD, Work at 2:23 am by a11en

Another short one for you guys, sorry! I'm sort of swamped. Here's what's been rolling around my insane noggin of late:

  1. Thinking negatively actually is self-fulfilling in my work and home-life. When I think that I can't accomplish "it", or that things are "this way"… then I don't try as hard, or as enthusiastically about my work or my home-life. It's one of those: how do you react to your situation? issues… Steven Covey has a lot to say about this type of issue. Even amidst hardships, we have power. The power to control our own responses to the issues which arise. Too often I allow my own responses to be controlled by events that are "out of my hands"… and to be honest with you, a lot of the events are within my own power, and I still mess them up. The question then becomes: "Do I get back on that horse, and finish this race like I actually have a chance to win this?!"… because, "I do actually have a chance to win this!"… What do you see yourself "winning" in life? Where are you headed, and what is your motivation? Recently a number of bloggers have been talking about positive thinking. I've been attempting to accomplish this much more on a day to day level now, and I believe it is having a positive effect in my work and homelife. [Black-Belt Productivity], [Steve Pavlina]
  2. The act of giving is something that is so important in life. I just gave a pal of mine (actually we met late last year) a hand-made gift that I've been working on here and there for a long time. He sent something my way a while back, and it deeply touched me. I keep it on me to use throughout the day, and often send up a small prayer for his health, etc. while using it. He out of everyone in my recent past has shown me what it's like to come home from a hard day and see a package at your doorstep, unannounced, unsolicited… out of someone's kindness. It's truly amazing. So, I wished to return that gift to him. I'm so happy I did. It's actually paid off more for me than for him, most likley! πŸ™‚ Meaning- the joy of giving to him, was beneficial to my well-being. I strongly suggest anyone reading this, to pick someone they know, and like of course, and just give them a gift… can be anything really, but send it via the mail, and don't tell them… have it just show up on their doorstep… and watch what happens. It'll be worth your effort.
  3. Grading/The semester. It's almost over. I wish I had two of me, honestly I do. Because it's almost impossible to accomplish everything for research and everything for classwork. It's a darned shame, and my hat goes off to all professors who are doing it alone. [My father has 90 reports to read and grade this week alone- not to mention exams etc.] I don't know how they do it. No matter how hard I work, I am never satisfied with my work. And, well, that takes us back to (1) above, eh? πŸ™‚
  4. Fountainpens- Check out this Lamy Safari review. Anyone looking for a good yellow/white pad of paper (legal or letter) that works quite well with a fountain-pen should check out "Docket Gold" by Tops at their local Office Depot. I'm very happy with how well it writes. It's 20lb stock, quite good. I just wish it was smoother. But, then, that's why I have my Triomphe pad from Clairfontaine.

Here's wishing everyone a positive-thinking Monday, for a very productive and fulfilling week!!

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