April 19, 2006

Noodler’s Fox Red Ink…

Posted in FountainPens, Work at 6:46 pm by a11en

A quick update:

  1. The comments section should be working now… sorry to everyone who would have told me I was insane for thinking the way I did earlier… you should now be able to tell me that I am insane… right in my own blog. 😉
  2. It appears that Tardiff has released yet another couple colors of his Bullet Proof inks! [And the villagers rejoiced.] So, now I can grade in "Fox Red" and have it stay forever… 🙂 My grading will now be permanent on my student's work… Can't wait to try it out!
  3. Somehow for some crazy reasons… people are actually reading these posts. [Don't you guys have something better to do than read my insane ramblings? 😉 ] I welcome everyone who's found this little blog, and please don't hesitate to get in touch. Speaking of which, a friend from 43folders mentioned that it was painful to try and get in touch. So, now, in my little GTD inbox sits the item: "Figure out how to add e-mail address to blog without making myself a sitting duck for "member enlargement" e-mails…" Of course, I entered it in via the Quicksilver Inbox script. God, I love Quicksilver…
  4. I actually have to *walk* to the library, folks. Yes, it's insane, I know… but I can't find some very old journal articles, and so I will have to do something I haven't done in like 3 years.. [Except when I wanted to snag an old 1913 copy of My Lady Nicotine and A Window in Thrums, by J. M. Barrie from the Stacks- Oh, how I love the stacks…] But, I take with me high-technology… a portable Canon scanner and my well-loved HighRes 15" Powerbook [ppc]. No more crappy Xerox copies for me! 😉
  5. Blotters- I will soon know what they're good for, thanks to Pendemonium. The guys and gals at Pendemonium are always a joy to do business with. I love their Legal Lapis from Noodler's, and have purchased a few blotters and some stationary from them as well this go-around. [You don't want to know what happened to the last bottle of Legal Lapis- it's best not to ask… I still laugh a bit and shake my head…]

Ok, thanks again for the kind messages from those on 43folders. I've learned a ton from everyone there. I hope to write more important content for you guys soon. My best!


  1. Fenny Fox said,

    People are reading these posts, because they have to do with fountain pens. =:o) I know I found this through a search for “Noodler’s Fox Red” – which I just got a bottle of (for contrast and illumination in journals – something other than black).

    I’m a fountain pen nut, too – and I’m only 23. =:oD

    It’s interesting that you’re using Fox Red for grading… no kids’ll be messing with that stuff now! hehe.

  2. a11en said,

    Hi Fenny!

    Wow, Fox Red for a Fox! Hahaha. 🙂 Welcome, and thanks for dropping in!! Always glad to meet new people and hear from them!

    Well, I’m only 10 years your senior, and people say I don’t look that old. 😉 So, you’re in good company here. 23 is a funny age, but fun. 30 is hard only because of the number, it gets a bit nicer than the 20’s, as you’re now a real “grown-up”. 🙂

    Love Fox Red- I just wish it was slightly more blood like. 😉 hahaha. That way the kids will take the marks very seriously. hehehe.

    I’m sure no one cares at all about the ink color, or about it’s fastness. But, one thing’s for sure, it’s unlikely anyone would ever be able to pull a fast one on that ink, unless they knew what I used. 🙂

    Thankfully my grading days are past, and now I just have to concentrate on my research. Since I’ve been using FP’s, I learn quickly which papers are good and which are bad for my inks. Funny thing, the large lab-notebooks I use for my research take the ink extremely well! Fantastic paper. I guess that’s why they cost a bit. But, it’s on the research accounts, so it’s no problem.

    I hope you are enjoying your FP’s, Fenny! If you haven’t found the Fountain Pen Network (www.fpn.com) please check them out!! They’re fantastic folks, and there is *so* much information there, it’s not even funny. [Also a fantastic marketplace for excellent pens at good prices all sold by people like you and I.]

    I tip my hat to you, and thank you for coming across my path! Drop in anytime, Fenny!

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