April 10, 2006

Roomba = Awesome!

Posted in FountainPens, GTD, Lifehacks at 6:33 pm by a11en

So, here's the essence of my wacked weekend. I'm sitting on the phone, talking with my GF and then briefly my pal Steve… I'm getting ready to refill my Pelikan m100 fountain-pen (love the thing), and my elbow hits the opened ink-jar, and I'm freakin' toast. Yes, Blue-black ink everywhere. Everywhere. UGH! I'm shocked. So, instead of having a productive evening working half on work and half with my pal Steve and my GF, I'm stuck going between all three faucets in the apt. soaking up ink, and rinsing out old towels. That took some serious time. I'm still hurting from all the work. And it's *mostly* up. Thank goodness I told my apt. guys not to worry about replacing the carpet before I moved in! <whew>

So, in the midst of my pain, my GF finally understands just how much ink I'm talking about… and I tell her to go check out how much the Bissels cost at Khol's. She finds them for a good price, and we talk about it a bit- she goes ahead and buys the "Spot Bot". So, we spend another 4 hours cleaning the carpet with this thing (pretty much just a glorified Little Green Clean Machine). Fun. So, with most of it finally up, we start to use the Bot feature. Drop the thing centered on a spot, and the brushes and vacuum does the job for you. No bending over, no dorkin with the thing for hours on end, it just works. 🙂 I'm talking with my pal Steve in the other room (explaining why I couldn't come out) and cleaning the carpet at the same darned time. Amazed. I do it like 20 more times… fully realizing that my bending over and back-pain can be avoided. 🙂 <yeah!>

So, that gets me thinking. If I enjoy pressing a button and cleaning my spots of my carpet so darned much, why the heck don't I check out other automated things. [In the back of my mind always loving those darned vacuum-robots I remember from a long time ago.] It hits me- no more freakin' vacuuming. [Which I'm only sporadically good at doing anyway.] On top of it, if it actually saves me time and keeps my apt. cleaner, my GF is all the more happy. <And the villagers rejoiced.>

Granted, that this might be the silliest use of my money (when I could be buying say a Dunhill Bruyere that has georgeous grain for the same price – yes grain, I know, it's not supposed to have good grain)… but, well, I took the plunge. Picked up the Roomba Discovery and headed to leave. Ontop of this, we get to the checkout and bammo- 20% off with a little scratch card at Kohl's. Too bad we didn't get the 30% off, but that 20% pretty much cinched the deal for me, with the thing already being like 30% off.

We tried the thing out at Chel's- worked like a charm (and she's a clean freak). The cats were a bit weirded out by it, but really didn't mind much… it moves slowly, and is low to the ground. I think they realized it wasn't doing anything sneaky but bumping into walls and furniture, and that seemed to help them chill a bit. Then, this morning, I dragged it over to my place (it's real home), and just got done cleaning up my apartment while I was finishing up various bathroom duties. Lordy does this thing save me time and effort! My floor looks excellent. I plan on using it for a few days straight here, as my apartment could really really use it.

Just between you and me, I tended to not care too much about cleaning etc. I mean, hell, I'm mostly just at home to sleep anyway. To top it off I have 2x the normal load of work, and I'm so behind I'm fearing for my degree. Very scary. So, when something like the Roomba comes along and helps me to save time and clean up for me, hell, it's amazing!!

Three Cheers for the Roomba!!

To me, this post is a bit Lifehacky and GTD… I all of a sudden have more time, 'cause the darned robot is doing the work for me! Woo hoo!! 🙂

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