April 3, 2006

Smash Go my wafers!!

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:25 pm by a11en

So, I’m getting into the office today, trying to do things quickly. I have like an hour and a half here, tops… and the worst of the worst things happen… my sample box slides off the edge of my desk and hits the floor… SMASH… all my semiconductor samples go to pieces… I have a very few bicrystals left – actually.. none are left unscathed… so, I must now regrow some. And use the pieces as best as possible. This will set me back a month in my growth. Horrors of horrors. If this is the omen for the week, this is not going to be fun…

A very sad day…

Oh, did I mention about a full box of AFM tips also got smashed up? That’s like 15 each, times 10. That’s like $150 down the toiilet. Not to mention each semiconductor wafer is like $70/3… so that’s at least another $140 worth of just substrates smashed… not to mention my damned films.

Fun fun fun. Well, hopefully we have finalized the NSF fund, and can start purchasing replacements. 😦 Sad sad day. 😦

Oh, and why the hell isn’t the NCSA ftp server up and running? grrr!

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