March 23, 2006

Some good days…

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Well, finally, some good days hit. It’s break after all (although not really for me), so I have to say wonderful to have some good days to share! The good stuff:

  1. Before the Prof. left for vacation he took a look at my new data. Really really liked it, and suggested it should become it’s own paper. So, after the Prelim work, work will begin on Paper #2, which is really encouraging, as I need this type of advancement if I’m going to accomplish my degree.
  2. The little bit of rest I’ve afforded myself and my girlfriend has really helped chill me out from the crazy semester. I’m now renewed.
  3. One of our projects just got funded! Extreme Yeah!! I can’t tell you how much weight this takes off my shoulders. In the least, this suggests that the LBIC work I wish to complete for my work will be able to be funded, as well as future work in the CMM during this year’s mad dash to get things done. Couple that with exploratory EBIC work and perhaps a few other cool things, and we have a thesis approach. 🙂 yipee.
  4. A visiting Prof. showed a bit of interest in an approach I took to data analysis. I’m hoping she’ll send some samples on our way so that I can collaborate with her! As well, others in the CMM have requested some info on how I’m doing some of my work, so a little TeX writeup will have to come soon that will be an appendix in the Thesis. Good thing. 🙂

Today’s little LifeHack note: A cheap floor to ceiling whiteboard? – Purchase a sheet of White Melamine Board from the local hardware-store giant. Mine cost me $8. Perfect for whiteboard pens, and reasonable erase qualities. If it goes bad, pitch it, and get another for another $8. Um… did I mention it was only $8? 😉 [Stick a bit of velcro on there, and some velcro on your pens, and now you have a place to store ’em. Don’t forget your eraser as well!]

Earworm: “Such Great Heights” performed by The Postal Service from the album Give Up

ps- for those who wonder how I do my little Earworm (props to Meffle), I have a “current track” applescript that Quicksilver knows about. So, I just hit my hotkey, start typing current tr… and up pops the script, hit enter, and I’m good to paste it in! Works with any text box. 🙂

pps- man, it’s good to not have to worry about the cash for these tests… Did I mentioned I’m ready to get this stuff done and make a good run of things? 🙂 Woo hoo ! Here I come! Watchout… 😉

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