March 14, 2006

A bit about the monster…

Posted in Lifehacks, Procrastination at 7:35 pm by a11en

The monster looms over me with claws and teeth bared.

He laughs when I see something I don’t know or am unsure of.

He sharpens his claws as the dates of importance loom closer.

Each day that is not spent working on learning about the monster and cutting him down to size, are days that the monster grows larger, growls stronger and becomes much much scarier.

Somewhere in the past number of years in Graduate school, I began believing in monsters again. When I was a kid, and the lights went out, I saw my clothes in the closet and was scared of what was unknown. With the help of my parents, I learned that by turning on the light, I could see again, and realize these things were just the shadows and shapes of my own favorite items. When I was a teenager, the thought of monsters was pure insanity. A kid’s mania. By some strange turn of events, I have lost the confidence of my teens. I’ve gained personal physical confidence, that wasn’t had back then, but my mental confidence has lapsed. Now, when I’m working in the dark, and in things unkown, I see snippets of unkown equations, scary corners, and I think to myself: “The Monster!!” I often cower in the dim light of my understanding, unwilling to reach out and confront the monster. So, the monster looms. He gets stronger and scarier. My brain gives him more teeth and more claws! I’m afraid to go out into the darkness. Even if others have been there in the past…
I have somehow forgotten there is no such thing as Monsters.

Often the things we need to work on are the things which are scary and unknown. Rarely are the things we need to work on already previously known. If they were known by us already, rarely are they the items that need to be studied. For, they have already been accomplished. No, what is required are people who aren’t scared to go into the dark and face these monsters head on, and teach others about what they’ve discovered.

We need to be explorers unafraid of what is around each corner of our lives. Attack each new dark place we are unsure of, learn the lessons there, and move forward to new unknowns and new accomplishments.


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