March 13, 2006

A word often left off…

Posted in Rants at 5:07 pm by a11en

This post may frustrate some. But, I will try to be short and concise due to time requirements.

I wanted to comment on a word that is often left off of a description most likely in the news today: “Illegal”. Seems like a big important word, eh? It says a lot. It says it’s not legal… not allowed… punishable by law. How come, then, we can have a rally of over 1,000 *illegal* immigrants in the middle of Chicago, and not a single INS agent in sight? I thought the whole point of an immigration service was quite simply to watch over the immigrants to this country, to deport those who were illegally here, and to screen and support those who are coming over legally.

A caveat: This whole country is built upon immigrants. This is a good thing. What is *not* good, is when a large number of people go through the proper legal channels to enter this country legally, and have to deal with long waits, and possible trips back home for visa lapses etc. When, all they want to do is enter legally, and eventually become a citizen of this fine country? What are we to say to these people? Should we point them towards the Mexico border and suggest they should try this route?

We sometimes have excellent Chinese researchers go over seas to give talks etc., and have sometimes been afraid of their difficulties in re-entering the country even with proper paperwork. I often laugh and suggest Tijuana. It’s not becoming much of a laugh anymore. When I see PhD students only wanting to become upstanding citizens of this country, pay their taxes, and raise their children here, only to be worried by visa troubles, I have to say, something is wrong. I think those who are in this country illegally are degrading the societies to which they belong to, a burden to their current localities, and should be pursuing legal routes of immigration.

Now, that said, I also think we should do something about speeding up and streamlining the entry process for immigrants. If it wasn’t so difficult to come into this country, possibly the illegal flux would reduce to some extent. I personally am a proponent of a strong immigration service, one that has a quick and speedy process to determine those who should be rejected, and those who should be speedily allowed to enter. With a better incoming process, we most likley will help alleviate this influx to some extent and create upstanding, tax-paying citizens as well.

But, at no time should we allow the illegal immigration to stand, or for those who have come in illegally to become legal citizens. It is quite clear they are breaking the law of the land they claim to wish to be a part of, and if this is truly the case, haven’t they already shown their lack of interest in supporting the laws this country currently has? I feel for their plight, I do, but the answer is not to simply ignore this infringement. The answer is to help them become legal citizens, through the proper channels, and to support those who follow the law of this great nation.

I hope that I haven’t frustrated, but I myself am an immigrant, and we went through the proper channels. Hmmm… interesting idea, eh? Filing for immigration status? Properly applying for visas? Wonder if it’d work! [It did for us.] 😉

[For those that are wondering, I’m Canuk by birth. Now, where’s my Brewskie and my took, eh?]


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