March 10, 2006

Tea, Ink, and Friends…

Posted in FountainPens, Lifehacks at 3:53 am by a11en

A bit of a schizophrenic post here, but oh well! 😉

An update on Noodler’s Inks:

  • Excellent resistance to water. I tried a quick test with some of the Legal-Lapis yesterday, and it’s completely water proof. Looked like the small note hadn’t even been submerged. Other FP inks didn’t survive this little test.
  • Really improved the writing of my el-cheapo Parker. I think I have the vector, but I can’t be sure. As soon as I started using the Noodler ink, I immediately noticed smoother writing with the FP tip (mine is a fine nib).
  • With my Pelikan m150, the Legal-Lapis made the pen feel amost like it was writing on butter. Excellent smoothness, a slightly broader line, but over-all a huge improvement. Wonderful ink.
  • I did notice more with my Pelikan and the Legal-Lapis (not with the Parker and the Red I ordered), that there’s a bit of a bleed-over onto the top of the nib which is more pronounced than with other inks. However, this is a very small price to pay for a smoother writing ink, one that is archival quality/neutral Ph, and completely waterproof and safe for legal documents.

A small lifehack: the HotShot by Sunbeam (~$20)

This little hot-water heater is fantastic in the office. I’m a bit of a tea-junkie, I like my Earl Grey, Sencha (or gold-quality Sencha from a dear friend), and Yerba Mate. When I’m in the mood for some tea, I just walk down the hallway to the water-fountain, snag a cupfull of water, drop it into my hotshot, press a button, and in lightning-fast time, I have boiling water in my cup ready for my tea! I’ll have to time it- it’s freakin’ fast, though! Placing just a cup-full into the resevoir means that you don’t have any left-over water.

An update on my experience purchasing from Pendemonium:

Pendemonium has caught themselves a new long-term customer. They did this by having a real-live human being answering any and all questions via e-mail. I suspect they even would do so via the telephone. No question was silly or problematic for them, and they were kind and quick with their help and replies! I couldn’t ask anything more from an online retailer. Not to mention they have excellent prices on fountain-pens. So, if you’re looking for a place to purchase inks and fountain-pens from, check out Pendemonium!

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