February 23, 2006

“Ding…” the importance of chimes…

Posted in Lifehacks, Mac at 5:27 am by a11en

I’m just loving this new little dashboard widget I’ve downloaded ProdMe by Jim Carlson. I use it’s chime feature to bring back the nice chimes I was able to have in os9. What I’ve found, is that my brain doesn’t notice time’s passing very well [all of my family and friend will attest to this]. But, with a nice chime, simple and good to listen to, I can now be reminded of how time is passing on me. Frequently the little chime will spurr me forward in my work, or bring me back on task. I have ProdMe set up for 15min. increments, and the hourly chimes. I also downloaded various chime sounds online, and will be attempting a crude cron-job for running more complex chimes. One in particular is the Naval Bell schedule which is quite interesting. I’ll let you know how it comes along when I get back to it. For now, ProdMe is simple and easy to use, and hence I haven’t gone further.

Interestingly, Zen Clocks are also quite cool. Feel free to buy it for me. 😉 he he he… Mahogany or CherryWood would be nice. 😉 double he he…

Earworm: “I Am In Love” performed by Ella Fitzgerald from the album The Cole Porter Songbook (Disc 1)


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  1. Russ P. said,

    I managed to get cron to run a ship’s bell sequence. You can get the sounds HERE
    Put them in a folder. I called mine “Ship’s Bell Project” :o)

    Then I downloaded PlaySound, a simple program that will play the sounds. It comes with scripts that can easily be modified. You can get it HERE

    Do a “get info” on all eight of the ships bell sounds you downloaded. Go to Open With, and select PlaySound. If you want, you can just do one get info, and select “use this application to open all documents like this”.

    I modified the script “Play Any Sound” in the “Scripting Examples” folder to get the script below…

    (* NOTE: In order for this script to locate the “Shipsbell.wav” file, you must put the script application in the same folder as the file. *)

    property soundFilename : “1bells.wav”

    set soundAlias to (my ParentFromPath(path to me, true) & soundFilename) as alias

    tell application “Play Sound”
    play soundAlias
    end tell

    on ParentFromPath(thePath, wantPath)
    set thePath to (thePath as text)
    set saveDelim to AppleScript’s text item delimiters
    set AppleScript’s text item delimiters to {“:”}
    set pathAsList to text items of thePath
    if the last character of thePath is “:” then
    set idx to (the number of text items in thePath) – 2
    set idx to -2
    end if
    if wantPath then
    set folderName to ((text items 1 through idx of pathAsList) as text) & “:”
    set folderName to item idx of pathAsList
    end if
    set AppleScript’s text item delimiters to saveDelim
    return folderName
    end ParentFromPath

    You then modify the script changing 1bells.wav to 2bells.wav, 3bells.wav, etc. until you have saved eight scripts. Put them in the same folder as the bell sounds.

    NOW, to get them to play.
    There’s a very nice front end GUI for cron called cronnix that will then play the app files you’ve made using the applescript.
    You can get it HERE

    There’s probably an easier syntax to use, but I used the following.
    For 1 bell, Minute 30 Hour 0,4,8,12,16,20 Day of month * Month * Day of week*
    For 2 bells, Minute 00 Hour 1,5,9,13,17,20 Day etc as above
    You can figure out the rest!
    This is nice, because if you don’t want the bells after midnight, say, you can modify the settings to do that.

    This sounds like a lot of work, but it only took me fifteen minutes, and I never saw any of the programs before. I am NOT familiar with cron, and use terminal rarely, so this is not as complicated as I made it sound.

    thanks for putting me up to the task!


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