February 22, 2006

Mail.app- what keeps me from using it?

Posted in Mac at 1:56 am by a11en

Thought I’d throw a quick one up today- this time about Mail.app.  There are 2 major reasons that I’m a bit loathe to use Mail on mac osX:

  1. No multi-personality support.
  2. 1 mail message = 1 file = huge bloated hard-drive

(1)- With today’s crazy wild “internet” world, multiple personalities have become a critical method of protecting oneself.  When I write on usenet, I need a personality which has a munge e-mail addy, a specific sig-file, and this is linked up to the e-mail I have which is non-work related.  I have a number of personalities which are non-work related and include or don’t include sig files and munged addys.  To this day, Mail.app cannot support this workflow.  Hence, I don’t use it.

(2)-  Why in the world would a single mail-message by a single file on your hard-drive?  Every single message (even those below 4kb) are now taking up the minimal filespace on our harddrive!  Why?  Spotlight searches.  Oh so nice to see the message you want in spotlight, eh?  Nice to the tune of 7gig’s of space on your drive?  Apple should simply make a special plugin for operating with mail archives and get with the real-world of mail useage (look into mutt for example), and deal with the reality of a standard format.

The worst of it is, simply that I do *want* to use all of Apple’s applications- they’re all sort of wired to each other.  That is quite nice, I have to admit.  [Hell, just applescriptability is almost enough to turn me…]  Until Apple moves their apps into the present, I’m afraid I won’t be able to use ’em at all.  [Just like how I don’t use google groups for their lack of a kill-file.  The most basic of all things.. a killfile… doesn’t exist in google groups.]

Ok, enough ranting.  The knee-high pile of grading is awaiting…

Oh, ps- if someone starts telling me that Mail.app does support multiple personalities, I’ll kindly remind them that it doesn’t.  Show me munged addresses, and multiple sigfiles that follow those munged addys and I may start to believe them.  [All selectable from the same inbox as well…]

Earworm: “Anything Goes” performed by Ella Fitzgerald from the album The Cole Porter Songbook (Disc 1)

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