January 20, 2006

Dashboard Widgets for Blogs…

Posted in Mac at 6:47 am by a11en

since it looked like some hits were coming in regarding dashboard widgets for blogs, I will post here two dashboard widgets I have used to write here in the past, and a few comments regarding them as well…

One point of clarification- Dashboard does not equal Dashboard.  😉  Meaning… Dashboard (WordPress)… we’re talking Dashboard on the MacOsX Tiger (10.4.x) Dashboard.  [For those who are using linux/KDE, there is some ability to install/use Tiger’s widgets in KDE as well.]
i) “dashblog”

My comments- works with wordpress, however features are quite limited and currently no way to catagorize your post. Plus- it’s quite small in the dashboard, making it easy to have up all the time for random brain-farts.

ii) “RapidMetaBlog”

Pro- takes categories from wordpress. Con- Absolutely huge realestate on the dashboard. I still have it up there, but it’s insanely large.

Finally, there’s a third which I haven’t tried yet which appears to promise the best of (i) and (ii) above: “WordPressDash” (will try this soon, and report back).

A small note regarding configuration, the following url will be required for you to interface with the writing portion of wordpress internals: https://searching4arcadia.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php (login with username and password in sections on the widgets that ask for them)

Hope this helps someone!

Brainfart: wondering why CrystalDiffract continues to crash on me while zooming etc. with a 3 phase mixture and filled patterns checkmarked

Earworm: “You Should Belong To Me” performed by Ray LaMontagne from the album Live-Double Door, Chicago, IL

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